Okay so I think all of you here on Petite Symphony deserve an explanation as to why I stopped updating all of a sudden.

So, first reason as to why I didn’t post here: This is NOT my main website. This is just another mirror. I have Seed up on Smackjeeves and ComicFury (my main site).

The link there is http://www.seed-comic.com/

So, if I ever disappear from here again, go there. 🙂 I usually make posts there about hiatuses and the like.

Which leads me into the next reason: I had to take a long hiatus due to health problems.

And last: I got a new computer and I was no longer able to access my account on here because I couldn’t remember my password or e-mail or anything. (and I just kinda just kept putting it off because I didn’t want to have to get on my other computer just to post a page).

Sorry these are not the most satisfying reasons or so. But there you have it.
I feel terribly bad for not posting anything here for so long!